Sunday, November 21, 2010

Research Contributors – Sonora & Sinaloa, MEXICO.

Queso Las Granjas (Farms of Cheese) -Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

A family owned business, over 20 years supplying the local market with fresh quality cheeses. A compact and functional operation, the business relies on its reputation for service and quality. Customers can show up at the shop or have fresh cheeses delivered right to their door ready for the morning quesadillas.

Pettibon System Inc. - Gig Harbor, Washington, USA via Mazatlan, Mexico.
The Pettibon System - proven spine and posture correction
Medical equipment, training and services supported by 40 years of work have resulted in high levels of innovation, research and advancements to the medical practice. Mr. Pettibon is a pioneer in his field and contributes regularly to research and development of life improving products with a holistic approach.

Los Osuna (Destilado de Agave “Tequila”) - La Noria, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Technically “Tequila” can only come from the state of Jalisco and so we call everything else “Distilled Agave”. The tequila manufacturer has been producing a quality product for over 100 years and in 2009 won World Awards for three of its product lines. Sampling both the blue agave cooked and as a finished product is a remarkable experience and the suave texture of this sipping drink explains its award status well. This company is well placed to start expanding into international markets where the demand for quality and product design are key.

Grupo Modelo (Pacifico National Brewer) - Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

This brewery was started in the early 1900 by German immigrants and is now a major producer of the Pacifico brand of beer. A light, high quality beer meeting all ISO 9001/14001 standards makes this plant very attractive and advanced in its manufacturing processes. The Beer Master (Maestro Cervecero) explained some of the lean techniques being employed as would be expected of an organization of this calibre.

Looney Bean (Not-For-Profit) - Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

A young company started with the intent to help others is currently undergoing lean concepts and business improvements. This is a fresh roasted café using fair trade, domestic coffee beans with a focus on the customer experience and product design.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Research Contributors - USA

ACIPCO (American Cast Iron Pipe Company) - Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

A family owned business focussed on the golden rule, employs almost 2000 people. A tour of the facility shows a lot of potential and a good team of managers and employees sharing a common interest. One of four pipe manufacturers in the country, ACIPCO is a leader in supplying large pipe and a complete package of products for many municipalities working on large scale infrastructure projects.

Motus Motorcycles - Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Nearly complete this impressive American made sport touring machine will be on the market soon. The dynamic team of developers has got a real shot at making Americas first real sport tour bike. Transitioning from design to manufacturing will be an important effort that these good folks will handle well. Good luck team Motus, I look forward to riding one of your machines!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Research Contributors -Canada

Grover Communications – Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

A family run business specializing in communication equipment sales installation and service. Serving police, fire and primary industry for many years.

Plan B – Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

A two man operation creating Craft beers for the local market. Not Plan A, but I have to admit Plan B makes a lot of sense and has a great taste. Thanks Guys!

Mat-Su Air Service – Willow, Alaska, USA.

Repair and maintenance of small air craft. Special thanks to Mark for helping us out when the BMW Dealer in Anchorage wouldn’t. Mark, I’ve been dragging that side stand around for several thousand miles now and grateful for every spark, thanks again!

Camelot Vineyards – Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

A family owned and award winning winery in the hills of Kelowna. I recommend the Riesling or any of other their wines, to your taste, even though I prefer reds.

Robert and Denise, we put that Pinot Noir to good use, thanks so much.

Saskatoon Farm – Dewinton, Alberta, Canada.

Agrotourism at it’s best, this lovely family owned farm boasts over 600 acres of area with a restaurant, baked goods and shop, art and collectables as well as a great selection of trees, plants and animals. It’s open winter and summer and is a great place to go for lunch or take the kids to ride “Champ”

CostaCana Import inc. – Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

Privately owned importer of premium Costa Rican coffee. This company supports the local communities in San Vito with some impressive projects and markets their coffee to fund raising groups working on special events and projects. They have retail locations but primarily work from their distribution centre in central Canada.

Abydoz Environmental Inc. - Glenwood, Newfoundland Island, Canada.

A sizable Canadian company with over 600 installations of its environmentally friendly waste water treatment system. The systems specific design is used world wide and represents an efficient and cost effective solution to waste water treatment.

Archie’s Welding Inc. - New Minas, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Archie’s shop satisfies many public customers as well as the private sector, jobs can range from small to large with solution based product design and flexible service. The focus here is on the customer and an outstanding reputation built over 30 years.

Munchie Master Vending - Stilesville, New Brunswick, Canada.

Privately owned and operated vending company displaying the true qualities of an entrepreneurial business. This company is focussing on quality service and delivery performance.

Ormac Industrial Supplies Inc. - Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

A privately owned business offering: repair, sales, installation and service of industrial equipment. The company operates within North America and has an impressive inventory of equipment ranging from heavy equipment greasers to conveying systems.
Ormac’s service focuses on hard to find products for the mining and mill work industries.

Custom Building Products

Business Name: Custom Building Products
City / Province or State / Country: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Company's Product / Service: Tile Finishing Products
Years in Business: 30+
Public / Private: Private
Facility Type: Manufacturing, Distribution

Custom Building Products is a producer of premium tile finishing products for residencial and commercial use. With an expansive network of plants throughout North America CBP is a leader in its industry worldwide.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mustang Survival

Where: Richmond,British Columbia, Canada
Host: APICS; Craig Fisher V.P. Supply Chain
Product: Personal Flotation Devices, Manufacturing
Years in Business :40+ ; Private Company
Number of employees : 200+
Mustang survival was started over 40 years ago with the development of the first floater coat. Their motto is: “We save lives for a living” and they have achieved recognition in the nautical world as a key developer and manufacturer of life saving personal flotation devices. Due to the nature of the products a high degree of engineering and regulation exist. As can be imagined quality is a primary concern as even one failure could result in a death.